NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens and encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. NCSY connects with Jewish teens through innovative, cutting-edge social and recreational programs to develop a positive Jewish identity. NCSY inspires Jewish teens and their connection to Israel through informal Jewish education, retreats and summer programs. NCSY empowers teens through leadership development and guidance to become passionately committed leaders of the Jewish community and instruments for positive change and renewal. NCSY is committed to provide a safe space where teens can celebrate their Jewish heritage; embrace Torah and Tradition; develop a positive Jewish identity; acquire invaluable leadership skills; connect with dedicated Jewish role models; and learn to live passionately Jewish lives.


JSU empowers high school students to discover their unique and personal connection to Judaism. With over 320 clubs across North America, JSU welcomes and embraces all teens into its inclusive, vibrant and open community, creating a space to build friendship, find support, and connect with others. JSU fosters teens’ love for Judaism and Israel through programs, activities, and trips that prioritize meaningful, positive Jewish experiences. JSU encourages teens to advocate for their beliefs while embodying a confident Jewish pride through conferences, workshops, and more.


4G NCSY creates a community of growth, connecting girls from different schools and communities, that empowers young women to develop an authentic relationship with their Judaism. This all-girls track of NCSY keeps friendships forming, Torah and chessed flowing, and the fire burning throughout the year. 4G aims to mirror the values and style of our all-girls NCSY Summer programs through education, inspiration, and community.


Pivot is an exciting new program that provides high school boys with a unique opportunity to achieve real personal growth and become deeply committed and passionate Jews. Partnering with popular summer programs, Pivot mirrors the advisor-teen relationship so teens can continue their growth throughout the year.

Summer Programs

NCSY Summer is more than just summer trips. It is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences of a person’s life. NCSY Summer runs 20+ unique summer programs in the US, Israel, and Europe that cater to teens with different interests and backgrounds. NCSY Summer programs are immersive experiences designed to combine Jewish learning, community building, and incredible touring opportunities. These programs aim to provide participants with a meaningful and fun environment where they can connect with their heritage, strengthen their Jewish identity, and build lasting friendships.

TJJ Moms/Dads

To really inspire a teen, we need to inspire the whole family. Anchored by a transformational summer trip to Israel for public school parents, TJJ for Moms and Dads offers year-round opportunities for home hosted Shabbos meals, Torah learning and personal mentorship with NCSY staff and lay leaders. TJJ Moms and Dads is developing a community of public-school parents committed to building growth-oriented Jewish homes in which their teens are supported and encouraged in their own religious development.